Research for the impossible

The more I study about the conditions on Mars, the more respect I have for the research already done. ‘Mars one‘ has made a thorough research. They know what expectations and challenges the astronauts to be, have to take. However Mars one, according to me, does not realize all the consequences enough. They do not realize what it is sending people to ‘prison’ for the rest of their lives. Neither, I ask myself, do the astronauts realize the decision they’ll make for the rest of their whole life.

I myself immigrated twice and do know very well the consequences of relocating once nest. In the beginning it is an enthusiastic and adventurous idea which, although very well calculated, does not need to end the way you hope it ends. Especially when changing your planet for another one from where there is no retreat, so much other than in my case, one may fall in despair when ‘things’ don’t work out on the long term. A despair what happens to all immigrants at one point, but then there is always someone to let you understand how relative your location is. Anyhow when absolute despair and/or longing for home is present, how difficult it may be, there is always a way to return on Earth. The question is whether these astronauts realizes or even know these ¬†problems on the long term as well as those who sent them?

There is an absolute need to recreate an earth-home with trees supplying oxygen other than a machine. Eating meat, eggs and bread. Not soya extracted surrogates looking like these. Relax under a full growing Earth-like tree. Looking how Newton’s apple falls from it. Then Making conclusions. The absolute need is for a ‘Jimmy-hut’, however also that is relative.

About jimhasenaar

I'd like to help people going to the planet Mars on a well calculated way and not feeling sorry they went there in the first place.
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