The goal to go for

Being on Mars for your whole future is making sure you won’t regret the step you made. You need a place for retreat and a joy for life.  A security for the rest of your life and who knows that of your children. You don’t want to make achievements for yourself without the knowledge to be able to pass your wisdom through. You are after all a human being and want to pass your knowledge through the next generation. You are not a guinea pig to be ignored by people on Earth from whom you may never hear again once their interest in Mars disappear. You are going to find and create an environment for yourself, your future and your children’s future. You are going to recreate an Earth like situation into your habitat. Yet you don’t know how but it should look like in the picture. I call it a Jimmy-hut. In the next chapters I’ll give an idea how to create such an environment.

A retreat where one can have a hen house and where you can walk around freely. Where you breath natural air supplied by fruit trees while sitting along the pond filled with delicious fish. A location where you can feel at home because it is like home.

About jimhasenaar

I'd like to help people going to the planet Mars on a well calculated way and not feeling sorry they went there in the first place.
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2 Responses to The goal to go for

  1. WillemKroon says:

    How, do think, people will evolve concerning gravity? Will the human body be able to adapt to the new circomstances?

    Greetings from Willem Kroon

  2. jimhasenaar says:

    A very good question. There is only one way to find that out. That is by simply going there.
    Beside the gravity also the air pressure plays a mayor factor in this ‘game’. That need to be artifically kept on 0.8 till 1 bar. The gravitation is about 1/3 of Earth. I presume the body wants to grow taller. Thus the heart has to pump the blood over a longer distance. The heart will be strong enough for people from Earth who anyhow stopped growing and probably their children who enherit their genetic structure. Problems may occur with the great grandchildren. Those 3,5 meter tall people may get difficulties. What about their spine. Yet our spine hasn’t finished developping strong enough.
    Really, I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen. Is it my problem? Answer: Not now. In any case when human want to developpe they have to take riscs and/or chalanges. The strongest survive, Darwin said.

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