Water tight is air tight.

Today I was thinking what is the biggest difference between the Mars-one project and my Mars-once interpretation. I concluded that it is that I belief my priority is to secure the living conditions first above the research of the planet. To be independent from machines (instruments) that need to supply the air one need to breath and the vitamins (food and drinks) one need to consume to stay healthy. A varied diet for person’s wellbeing and a place to relax to feel convertible and secure.

When all that is achieved one is in a position to explore and research. Then a person keeps having pleasure in exploration and will probably be more inventive. Like our European ancestors who never returned when they immigrated to e.g. Australia. They first secured their wellbeing before going to have another adventure.

Well, I have promised giving a solution for an Earth-like atmosphere where one sees sunrise and sunset. I call it a ‘Jimmy-hut’ after my first name and the pleasure many people find in ‘hut’. E.g. ‘Pizza Hut’ or a hut as a retreat for children in the forest. Let me try to explain the Jimmy-hut through the title above: ‘Water tight is air tight’.

See for that my fish pond below:

There are two ways to build a pond. The first one is by making it from armed concrete (or a grid with plaster) and then ‘paint’ it by an epoxy emulsion to make it water tight. Yet concrete (let it be armed or a grid made from iron ) you don’t have on Mars. The epoxy emulsion is easy to take with you on any expedition, but as long as one has no concrete or plaster, it’ll be useless.

Then the second solution, how I built the pond, is to create a water tight ‘bath’ by a big plastic or rubber sheet and an insulation blanket under it. The most suitable option for Mars, as long as we don’t know the structure of its soil and the materials that are available to make something water- or airtight. Beside that plastic sheets weigh much lighter and are therefore easier to transport and work with than bags of cement and iron grids to make armed concrete.

My concept below is the lightest form of constructing, as well as least voluminous in materials you need to bring from Earth, for creating a Jimmy-hut. An Earth-like atmosphere on Mars. Volume and weight are our enemies on these long trips to other planets. Like air pressure, or the lack of it, is our enemy on Mars. The reason to make everything airtight where human want to walk in casual clothes is of course that the accommodation need to be pressurized till 0.8 to 1 bar. Where Mars’s surface pressure is less than 0.01 bar.

See the Jimmy-hut draft of my concept here below:

Most of the structure is well protected under ground level. I do realize this draft, as any, may not be instantly clear to everyone. I’ll explain it in detail next time. However, not before giving a draft showing the complete Earth-like ‘picture’ of this structure that will be a mere 30 meters long in the beginning. Thus covering 300 square meters only. Needless making it bigger as people need to know if it fulfills the expectations in the first place. However, it is a concept that theoretically can be created much bigger when it answers all criteria.

The three dimensional draft with a length of 30 meters:

How idyllic the trees and fish pond.

About jimhasenaar

I'd like to help people going to the planet Mars on a well calculated way and not feeling sorry they went there in the first place.
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