Small livestock

Can you imagine being a young 20 or 30 year old man or woman going for the rest of your whole life to another world only eating vegetables and beside your companions not seeing any other life form? Not even a bee, fly or ant? Drinking milk and eating meat extracted from soya beans? Indeed, neither I can imagine that. Those who are willing to sacrifice their life styles as such don’t realize the enormous consequences. I immigrated twice in my life and know very well what it is to feel secluded because of an unknown environment. On Earth there is a way to overcome, most of time in changing your attitude, however how when you are on another planet where one is utterly restricted in movements and thoughts?

The first years of research on Mars will be exiting and one is most willing to sacrifice. At some stage you realize research is not everything life has to offer and you start to think of what future may bring and how it was in the past. You start to miss your old environment.

Most important is to create a kind of known environment in the first place not to fall in disastrous depression later. One needs to be distracted to stay alert and feel comfortable all the time. Livestock plays here a crucial role. Animals don’t behave like you want them to. They may comfort you but also give headaches. Very good! Not everything goes smooth. Similar to the living conditions on Earth. Of course extraction in nuisance is needed to keep on acting as a human being. A calculated life is a dull life and cannot continue to be interesting.

I am thinking of chickens, trout and soft hairy rabbits. Eggs in the first place and their meat second, fish as food (omega) is obvious, rabbits for warm and comfortable companionship as well as food and warm skin. Small livestock which is easy to transport from Earth to Mars. Bigger livestock like cows, sheep or goats are impossible because there won’t be an environment big enough for them on Mars yet. Milk, for the time being, has to be extracted from soya beans. Cheese and butter out of natural milk won’t be available either. Compromises need to be made here.

Very important to see how especially rabbits multiply. You shouldn’t stop them from doing so. When they succeed several times without mayor complications human can  take their own conclusions. A human baby shall probably change men on Mars forever. Then a ‘switch’ in the minds of his or her parents changes the future of Mars colonialism. Once being a parent life makes a ‘180 degrees’ turn. Suddenly your own life is not the most important anymore. Only then men realizes their life is suddenly less important than the small one in the cradle. For every woman, especially when being a mother, it was always obvious. Men, like I am, realize it when the baby is born.

By then, life on Mars is secure and also research will blossom.


Next: How easy it is bringing livestock to Mars?


About jimhasenaar

I'd like to help people going to the planet Mars on a well calculated way and not feeling sorry they went there in the first place.
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