The ‘Mars one – project‘ wants everyone to believe that the people they’ll sent live in a, what I call, research centre alike the picture here below. Mars one’s own picture and for  that their own representation.


The ‘storerooms’ covered by soil they built behind their living units in which they also landed on the planet, are covered (inflated) greenhouses where they grow their organic food. It’ll be a pure vegetarian life where research is the main object.

Belief me that I am willing to go to a lengthy extend when it concerns research and especially when it concerns exploring a new planet. However at some point in time I’d like to retread and do my own things. Having a vacation or simply feeling somewhat at home. For extensive research people can be caught for several, say five, years. They’ll be extraordinary enthusiastic and willing to take many consequences, however one day they’ll need their environment to cope with daily living and thoughts about their future.

The intension of the ‘Mars one – project‘ is to send people for the rest of their lives to a strange world called Mars. Most likely they’ll never have the possibility ever returning to Earth. One cannot expect these people need to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives in the medium they entered the planet. Especially when people on Earth start to understand what live on Mars is all about and loose interest in further research of that planet. That will happen. Curiosity has a limited time. Then these ‘uninteresting souls’ stroll on Mars asking for acknowledgements while Earth’s interests are further afield.

One (=Mars – one) has to make it attractive for the people on Earth, and especially for the people on Mars itself, to be there. To create an environment where it is plausible to live, sacrifice if you want to use that word, without losing too much of your known values of life. Or in other words One needs to create an atmosphere where retreat as well as research is important. A necessity is that One creates an Earth-like situation where besides organic food, flowers, trees, grass, goats, fish and chickens are part of daily ordinary life. Only then One is able to create a sustainable form of life on foreign planets and commercially attractive enough to support the whole project.

Here below a not very well succeeded picture how an Earth-like situation exists on Mars. A futuristic picture far from realistically possible because I also know very well that the barometer on Mars shows that blood boils on ground level. So the picture below cannot automatically be taken for granted as ‘things’ need to be adopted. It is possible but not as easy as it looks like.

In the next topic, Earth nature on Mars, I’d like to ‘invent’ possibilities creating an Earth like atmosphere on the red planet. Image

Goats in a ‘Greenhouse’

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I call this new blog ‘Mars once’ instead of ‘Mars one’ which already exists. I do support the ideas of the ‘Mars one – project’ getting people to Mars. The idea commercializing it to finance this huge project sounds alright to me. However, I am sure there are factors playing a mayor role where I am not sure the organization of ‘Mars one’ realizes the consequences or simply underestimated these.

This blog, Mars once, will be related to ‘Mars one‘. Mars once tries to enlighten views, difficulties and easy underestimations that may occur in the near future.

 Mars once is my own initiative and has not the approval but has the knowledge of the ‘Mars one – project’. The reason why I use the word ‘once’ instead of ‘one’ is because I believe mankind will create a settlement on Mars, however for me it doesn’t need to be as soon as 2023 which is the goal of ‘Mars one’. People should first thoroughly calculate the possibilities and last but not least the enormous consequences.

 Hopefully with reader’s help we may be of some support and advice for the ‘Mars one – project’. That is my goal.

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